Tuesday, February 7, 2012

54th Grammy Awards After Party at the Playboy Mansion!

Official Black Tie 54th Grammy Awards After Party this Sun Feb 12th hosted by Sean "Diddy" Combs at the Playboy Mansion! Check out TMZ's coverage video of last year's event: http://soc.li/uDkGAeJ

(Come say hi! I will be one of the models for the event! Email me at marilyn.jeffery@yahoo.com to get discounted tickets/ticket application!)

Portion of the proceeds will benefit www.angelwish.org!!!!! Help out a good cause, mingle with celebrities and have fun.....all at the Playboy Mansion! =) <3


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lose Weight Fast and Never Diet AGAIN!

Hi everyone, have been so busy, but great things are happening. Tickets for the Miss California USA pageant have now gone on sale...I will be representing as Miss Los Angeles! :) Get tickets here: 

Jan7th: http://www.mccallumtheatre.com/show_details.php?id=495
Jan8th: http://www.mccallumtheatre.com/show_details.php?id=497

I am very excited for the pageant and I wanted to personally thank my trainer Thomas Tadlock for helping make this possible. 

When I met Thomas, I was overweight and at my highest weight ever. I felt horrible and my self confidence was lacking. I felt as if I had tried everything. I had tried many different diets, going to the gym, cutting portions, cleanses, and unfortunately I even tried diet pills. My weight was something I constantly thought about, it was very distracting and kept me from achieving my other goals. I thought that I was doing all the right things. I truly believed that I would not be able to get my body back the way it was during my high school years.  

When I was first invited to Thomas's class, I did not know what to expect. As soon as I got there, everyone was so nice and Thomas' enthusiasm and positivity was so contagious. It instantly felt like an environment I wanted to be in. The class was unlike any workout I had experienced. I thought it was just way too much fun to actually make me lose weight.... BUT by 2 1/2 months,  I had lost 45 lbs! This is the 45lbs I had been trying to lose for over 2 years! I would always lose 10 lbs then gain back 15 in a couple of days. This was an ongoing cycle and I believed I was just unlucky and had bad genes but that was not the case. With Thomas' guidance, training and eating lots of Raw cruciferous veggies I was able to transform my body and now am thinner than I was in high school . I successfully lost inches everywhere and my fitness level is now the best it's ever been.  

Thomas has been a great inspiration and blessing in my life. I am very thankful and grateful for everything he has taught me. Not only is he one of the best trainers in the world, I am also lucky to call him a friend. 

Thomas believed in me and was so confident that I could achieve my dream body that I started believing in myself again and was able to not only lose the weight, but keep it off. I felt so amazing that it drove me to pursue a childhood dream of mine. I went for my dream and am proud to say I am now the current Miss Los Angeles USA in Donald Trump's Miss California USA pageant. 

Thomas' class is so vital in my life that it has become a large part of my lifestyle. The many benefits I receive  from his class are priceless. (And I don't just mean the results!) :) " Thomas has really changed and impacted my life. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

All about Permaculture!

On Saturday June 4th I went to a Permaculture Planning Event at the Elevate Estate in Ojai, CA and met amazing people who are changing the world . The event was hosted by http://www.elevate.us/ (Elevate). Since 2006, Elevate has been producing ground-breaking films that celebrate and elevate the human experience. Their portfolio spans a wide range of styles and subjects -- spotlighting global luminaries to breakthrough music videos to documenting sustainable technologies. Elevate's mission is to utilize the awesome power of art and media to celebrate and elevate the human experience & to Unite ALL Tribes. 

The event started off with warm up, stretching and training exercises. Following that, there was a property tour with examples of Permaculture Principles. Permaculture principles are derived from observing nature. They are things we see happening in natural ecosystems that we want to copy. We observe nature and try to mimic what it does.

Lunch was hosted by Nutiva (http://nutiva.com/) whose mission statement is "Nurishing People and Planet". (If you haven't tried their cocunut oil, it is really tasty and healthier for you than Vegetable or Olive Oil...oh and it's great for baking!). Nutiva provided a superfood lunch of Red Lettuce Salad, Mushroom and Ginger Soup and Rice Wraps with a variety of carrots, bell peppers, onion and other fresh yummy veggies. During lunch http://blackfeetmusic.com/ and Shylah Ray Sunshine (http://www.reverbnation.com/shylahraysunshine) blessed us with her angelic voice and attention grabbing lyrics revolving around awareness and achieving a higher consciousness. We then did a little meditation and energizing movement in the garden before continuing to gather information on Composting. I want to thank everyone involved and want to continue to support in anyway possible.

I later found out that 2 weeks ago Don Miguel Ruiz was at the estate. Don Miguel Ruiz has been such an inspiring author to me and many people and felt honored to have been invited to the Elevate Estate. Once again, Thank You all! :) For Composting info, please visit this informative site: http://www.howtocompost.org/
~ Together we can save our planet! ~

 If you would like to support any of my causes or would like to help with my campaign for Miss California USA or would like to volunteer for upcoming fundraisers, please contact me direct: Marilyn.Jeffery@yahoo.com or (860) 819-7741  Thank you! :) ♥  

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Miss California USA Alyssa Campanella's Send Off Party

On Thursday evening I attended Miss California's Send Off Party....Sending her to compete for Miss USA! The event took place at Hollywood Hot spot Drai's. I was lucky to be accompanied by my long time friend Andy and we had a blast mingling and getting to know the rest of the girls competing in the Miss California USA pageant. Event was hosted by the beautiful Shanna Moakler and Keith Lewis! :) 

*A project that I am doing as Miss Los Angeles is helping businesses save money at no cost to them! When business owners save, I get paid a commission that goes towards my sponsorship by the Company I represent, not the client. I have saved businesses anywhere from 10-20% monthly depending on the volume of the business. I also help non profits raise money for their causes at no cost.

 If you would like to support any of my causes or would like to help with my campaign or upcoming fundraisers, please contact me direct: Marilyn.Jeffery@yahoo.com or (860) 819-7741  Thank you! :) ♥ 

Monday, March 28, 2011

Seems I've been gone so long!

Hi everyone, please add my facebook personal page and fanpage: www.facebook.com/marilyn.jeffery

So much has been going on lately! I was in LV recently for a photoshoot for Niteguide Magazine (pics will be published on April issue)....check out more pics on my FB page! 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

RFMA Conference with Coastal Enviro-Solutions!

On Feb 7th and 8th I helped out CEO/Founder of Coastal Enviro-Solutions Joe Baribeau.
Coastal Enviro Solutions has been in business for over 30 years and specializes in HVAC Duct and Hood Cleaning and Grease Containment. Coastal developed "The Grease Diaper" that was used to help with the BP Oil Spill. I met a lot of great people and had a great time! Anyone who owns a restaurant should definitely look into this company!